Price strategy (in e-commerce)

It’s always difficult to define the right “price” for products and/or services sold … but even more so in e-commerce. Indeed, competition is harsh and it’s really easy to compare prices.

You sould not go for the lowest price but define a coherent price strategy. For instance, it should be noticed that, Amazon, who pretends to always be the lowest price, is not. Item with bad ratings from users will be more expensive than at Wallmart, when the ones with good ratings (the most popular) will be cheapest as it is stated in Boomerang study. On another hand, the same study indicates that the most wanted products at a defined period (HDMI cable at Christmas, for instance) get a price raise during that time.

So you have to define the right price according to you, and not defining only by its price but also with the service that comes with it. More over, do not forget to integrate the delivery in your price startegy. It’s always interesting to show delivery prices easy to understand and that seduces your customers (e.g. free delivery above an amount spent …).

To compare prices with the competition, tools will be useful:


Happy prices strategy definition ! !

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