IT Development & Training

Software Developmenticone développement de logiciels

We can create all type of software (« ad-hoc ») for your company (or modify an existing one): web application, « classic » application, smartphone application. We are experienced in managing small projects (a few weeks) and bigger ones (a few years).

After analysing your needs, we will propose a prototype application and then we will realise the software according to the Agile methodology, which allows to deliver parts of the application regularly (for a better visibility of the development process).

Trainingicone formation

We can train your on software we  install (web sites, LibreOffice, Groupware, ERP, CRM …) and on software we create for you.

We can train on your site or off site, to your liking.

Discover our training for LibreOffice: to celebrate LibreOffice, we offer 20% discount on LibreOffice Writer training.

All of this, always at the best cost thanks to open source software (without licences cost) !
You only buy what you use: installation, training, support, adaptation to your needs.


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