Network, Servers and Computersicône Matériel Informatique

Do not exchange files via emails or USB key any more. Back up and archive data with a file server. We can also install printing servers and application servers.
We can also manage your computers (workstation, printers, routers): for update, maintenance, and repairs as well as buying new machines.

We can also help you to set up the IT infrastructure, by, for instance, setting up a secondary internet access (in case the main one fails).

IT Securityicone cdrom

This means a few different points:

  • Backups strategy definition (DVD, tapes, internet servers …), corporate IT usage guidelines.
  • Updates management: system, software, anti-virus. Fail safe measures definition: anti-virus on all workstations, firewall, anti-malware.seringue
  • Awareness of IT security (passwords, emails and internet usage …) for the entire staff.
  • Disaster Recovery Plan definition.

Switching from Windows to Linuxicone No windowsubuntuCoF

We propose you to leave Windows to use the system Gnu/Linux (Ubuntu distribution).

There are many advantages:

  • No more licences to pay: the system is free … and most of the software used as well (no more Word licences to pay, no more Excel, neither …)
  • You have a legitimate usage of your software on all your workstations.
  • 100% professional usage of the PC workstations: no more instability problems, viruses, or software that do not install.
  • Light workstation: small capacity computer and low cost with all documents and configuration on a server = machines cost reduction.
  • Virtualization of workstations and servers = machines cost reduction.
  • Machines management in house or remote.


All of this, always at the best cost thanks to open source software (without licences cost) !
You only buy what you use: installation, training, support, adaptation to your needs.


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