OpenERP becomes Oddo

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software OpenERP switches name to Odoo.

Why changing name  ?

Simply because this professional software from Belgium (and used internationally) is now more than a ERP: it includes advanced POS (Point Of Sales) functions (previously the strong point of the opponent OpenBravo), but moreover it includes now a Content Management System (CMS) to manage a web site, even with an e-commerce module integrated with your accounting and stock management.
Note that this software already changed name back in May 2008: it was called TinyERP before that.

What does Oddo mean ?

Nothing !
As a matter of fact, this name has been used -back in 2009- for OpenERP Saas hosting. As four letters domain names are all taken, and they owned that one, I assume they decided to use it.

Free Offer

The Oddo hosting offer is free of charge up to two users. This will allow users to be able to quick start easily and to try this software at no charge and without any problems: everything is installed and works straight away.

The drawback of this hosted offer is that it is not possible to install third party modules … but it’s really good to start.

For more information, read Fabien Pinckaers declaration (founder and CEO).


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