Migration to Windows 10: STILL FREE before December, 31st 2017

Windows 10 Logo

If you are still with Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8, you can still migrate to Windows 10 … but in 2018, it will be too late (may be)  !

Windows 10 screen with startup menu opened

Free update to Windows 10

In theories, the offer to migrate to Windows 10 for free has expired … but in reality, you can go the page dedicated to assistive technologies … that anybody can use !

On that page, the expiration date for the offer is 31st December 2017 !

Should you update to Windows 10

I won’t speak here about the controversy on Windows 10 confidentiality issues: you will find plenty of references on the web !
Bottom line: by default Windows 10 publishes a lot of information, but by changing parameters (as described on techradar for instance) you can reduce that to something acceptable.

If you are a Windows 8, you should migrate to Windows 10: this new version has improved quite a few things

If you are a Windows 7 user it’s not as simple as usage is quite different. And there were a few bugs, when Windows 10 came out. That’s why I use not to recommend to update to Windows 10. But, now, standard support (new features) on Windows 7 has stopped since January 2015, and extended support (security updates) will stop by January 14th, 2020.

Bottom line: if you want to keep your computer more than 2 years and it’s still on Windows 7, you’d better update to Windows 10.



Happy migration to  Windows 10 ! ! !