Google accounts wide open on the web

Once again logins and password have been published over the internet.

This time, it’s a russian hacker who publishes a Google accounts list with connection identification.

Of course, Google declares few accounts (only 2%) are really compromised. Even if it’s true, that’s not big confort when you’re part of the 2%.

And you, are you emails accounts also on Google (or Microsoft Live or Yahoo etc) ?
May be it’s time to change and take controle of your emails with a professional solution !
Do you give your paper mail in opened envelopes to complete strangers ? That’s what you do when using emails providers over internet (Google or Microsoft Live or Yahoo etc): they read your emails to target you with publicity.

Get email addresses with your web site name and hosted on your own secured server that will be much less likely attacked than a Google or Microsoft server.
Contact us for hosted emails accounts (and web servers) with a low cost : peace of mind and security are included !


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