e-commerce payments : not with your bank

There are many way to make a payment on a e-commerce web site.

The well-known way of payments

Your bank

This is a bad idea to chose your bank: their solution are often technically outdated. They are also expensive, not user friendly and hard to install.

You can get a VAD Contract from your bank without using their technical solution.


It’s also a bad idea, as they are quite expensive and not easy to process during the payment for your customer.

The new ones


A french solution used by some banks (the cleverest ?): easy to install (and free) – they create the plugins- with plenty of features … but they need a VAD contract.

Without VAD contracts

The following solutions do not need a VAD contract : Dalenys, Mangopay, PayPlug, PayGreen, Stripe.


To get more information including the prices, read the French version of this article.