e-commerce payments : not with your bank

There are many way to make a payment on a e-commerce web site. The well-known way of payments Your bank This is a bad idea to chose your bank: their solution are often technically outdated. They are also expensive, not user friendly and hard to install. You can get a VAD Contract from your bank without using their technical solution. PayPal It’s also a bad idea, as they are quite expensive and not easy to process during the payment for your customer. The new ones Continue reading →

HopDrink in Marseilles

Laurent ROCHE organises the first HopDrink in Marseilles : it’s a Freelances meeting to get to know each other. This is at the WhiteRabbit in the Joliette district, on Thursday,  december 10th. Register on EventBrite … and come along. Do not hesitate to forward the message: everybody is welcome.

Mourning Ribbon for your web site

If you want to display a mourning ribbon on your website due to Paris attacks on November 13th, we’ve created a WordPress plugin that will allow you to add a discrete ribbon in your website top corner (left or right, your choice) … like on this website. Here are the available ribbons for the left corner (available also for the right corner). Find this plugin in the  WordPress Plugin Directory . If you don’t use WordPress for your website and you still want to use Continue reading →

The end of Flash

It looks like Flash is going to die soon ! What Flash ? Flash, is Adobe technology to get web page animated ! This is also the technology that’s been used in many games on the web. However this technology has many drawbacks: there are some security flaws (see the latest malvertising campaign against Yahoo) it is not supported by all browsers (e.g. Apple devices) it does not allow a good search on web engine Not used any more Most of the market actors are Continue reading →

Phantom 2 Google update

The Google search engine has been updated beginning of this month. In the States, beginning of May several sites complained about losing their position in the Google search pages (for instance, hubpages). Google waited for an official announcement but eventually confirmed on May 2Oth that an update has been performed. SearchEngineLand give some details, SEO specialist Glenn Gabe  named this update Phantom 2 and Paul Edmondson describes all the problems caused by Phantom2.   If you have been affected by this update and that you Continue reading →

Facebook Like

You want to have more Like on your Facebook page : recruit all the people you know to like your page. Next step is to work Facebook … in 5 actual steps: read the French version of the article for all the details (or ask for a translation in the comments).

Ribbon “Je suis Charlie”:

Ribbon “Je suis Charlie”: WordPress plugin adding a ribbon in the top left or right corner (to your liking) of your WordPress web site (like this one). The ribbon is transparent (so you can see through it the web site) and becomes opaque when the mouse hovers it.You might define in the plugin Settings the URL which the ribbon points to.