Web site with Flash animations: it’s time to change

Web sites using Adobe Flash technologies won’t be visible, by default, on any devices, after August this year.   Indeed, already Apple prevented iphones and ipads to use this technology. The web browser Chrome and Safari do not use Flash plugin any more, and Edge never did. Internet Explorer will ask for confirmation to use Flash, and so will Firefox, from version 55 (out in August 2017). So, if your web site uses Flash technology, its time to change to its modern counter part: HTML Continue reading →

Are you ready for next year ?

General Data Protection Regulation The General Data Protection Regulation is the new text of law managing personal data from may, 25th 2018. Software and business processes must be update in a rather short period of time ! Note that big businesses have more constraints than small one. For more information, read the Wikipedia page or the European Concil note.  

50% raise of IT threats

An AV-Test repport states a 50% rise of IT malware, in numbers, for 2014 with more than 300 millions of malware when there was less than 200 millions in 2013. You should set up good security policy and even abandon Windows for Linux to avoid all virus problems.  

Firefox Hello

It is now possible to chat via video, only voice or text (like on Skype) directly from Firefox without creating an account nor installing any additional application. This function is named Firefox Hello and is available in the latest Firefox version. If you don’t see the Firefox Hello button, this support page will give you the steps to follow to get the button.   Happy chatting with Firefox.

A trojan on Linux

One of the first real threat under Linux has been identified: this is not a virus but a trojan. It’s serious but it’s not the end of the Linux world. As long as you pay attention to what you run on your Linux box (no unknown script download, or installation of shady PPA), you will not be at risk: basic caution steps are mandatory … but no more ! ! More information on Secure List and on OMG! Ubuntu!.