e-commerce web site for free

Although in theory, it’s possible to create an e-commerce web site for free, in real life, this is not possible. 2 kinds of solutions to create an e-commerce web site You can either use an Open Source CMS or use a SAS application. Open Source CMS You can use an Open Source software to manage your e-commerce web site. The software will not cost you anything, but you will likely need the assistance of expert to install and configure the software. Keep in mind there Continue reading →

Are you ready for next year ?

General Data Protection Regulation The General Data Protection Regulation is the new text of law managing personal data from may, 25th 2018. Software and business processes must be update in a rather short period of time ! Note that big businesses have more constraints than small one. For more information, read the Wikipedia page or the European Concil note.  

4 tips for emailing campaigns

Are you sure of the success of your emailing campaigns ? Here are 4 tips to increase the results of your emailing campaigns.   #1 Emailing campaigns: Quality over Quality You may have thousands of contacts in your emailing lists but how many are really active and how many are addresses that are not used any more ? The first thing to do is to clean up you emails list … and to keep cleaning up regularly. Particularly, after each campaign treat all error returns Continue reading →

Value proposition

Write a value  proposition: that’s the magic formula to turn visitors into customers. I am talking about web marketing. The goal is to get explain in a few words what you sell / what is your trade at the visitor landing on your web site. An infographic from Quicksprout explains it all.   Happy reading !

Price strategy (in e-commerce)

It’s always difficult to define the right “price” for products and/or services sold … but even more so in e-commerce. Indeed, competition is harsh and it’s really easy to compare prices. You sould not go for the lowest price but define a coherent price strategy. For instance, it should be noticed that, Amazon, who pretends to always be the lowest price, is not. Item with bad ratings from users will be more expensive than at Wallmart, when the ones with good ratings (the most popular) Continue reading →