4 tips for emailing campaigns

Are you sure of the success of your emailing campaigns ?

Here are 4 tips to increase the results of your emailing campaigns.

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#1 Emailing campaigns: Quality over Quality

You may have thousands of contacts in your emailing lists but how many are really active and how many are addresses that are not used any more ? The first thing to do is to clean up you emails list … and to keep cleaning up regularly. Particularly, after each campaign treat all error returns by deleting the contact from your list.

#2 Segment your list

If you have only emails addresses, you can not segment your contacts !

At the subscription get information about your contact that will be needed to send more personalised emails. The usual is to ask for company names and function in the company, but it’s all about your business. It could be activity sector, centre of interest (picked from a list), geographical location or anything that is relevant to your business.

By segmenting, your list you will get a better opening rate and reduce your unsubscribe rate.

#3 Personalise

That’s the follow up of segmenting your contacts. As you have information about your contact, you will be able to write an email that will be more interesting for him. Personalisation is not just about writing the full name of your contact.

Ask your self, what is the goal of your email, and make sure it is clear for your contact !

#4 Measure Metrics

Once the email is sent, it’s not over. You should know the result of your emails … you need to measure !

The 4 first metrics you should look at are:

  • Open Rate: the basic, number of recipients who opened your message.
  • Click-Through rate: more specific, number of recipients who clicked on links within your email.
  • Unsubscribed rate: number of recipients who unsubscribed from your list on receiving the email.
  • Conversion Rate: recipients who actually acted on reception of the email. That means you should measure the action requested (buying, subscribing, attending an event …)

Go for it

Each email you send must be personalised for your contacts (so you should have information about your contacts). Then you must measure the results of your emailing burst to make sure it’s efficient.


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